last two days of work

I have 131incher to finish today and a custom tomorrow. Possibly another custom if mom can't get to it before I do lol.

Audrey kept me busy a few weeks ago with a stack of quiltie goodness.

quilted with Blowin' Wind.

quilted with Morning Glory.

quilted with Popcorn.

quilted with Linna's Charm.

Now to wrap up the last few quilties!


  1. Wow. Audrey's quilts are so pretty. My favorite is the second one with the pinwheels (surprise) and I love how colorful the first one is.

    Good luck on getting your last quilts done.

    xo -El

  2. I really like all these quilts but that first one just sings to me and it's so atypical of colors and fabrics that normally catch my eye. I hope she's reading this because her work and yours are just lovely together.

  3. lovely quilts.. & great quilting job! :)


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