quilt monday

I made three of these this year for some of our teachers; they are such a fun quick gift to make!

Oops, had so much fun enjoying our first day of Christmas vacation that I forgot to blog. Well, I didn't actually forget, I just kept getting distracted by my sewing room.

Speaking of distractions, I finished(well, they are ready for quilting) two Christmas quilties and have another gift so close to being finished. I have one more thing to finish up and than I'm going to (hopefully) whip up a super quilt pillow. I still need to sneak in some more baking, it keeps getting eaten!

And because each time I post a quilt from this book, I get emails asking what the book is called, here's the details! Special Occasion Wall Hangings by Julie Bohringer. Go buy one! You won't regret it.


  1. Oh, this is great! I'm glad you are having a great break already!

  2. Three..that is awesome...I am sure the teahers loved them!


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