A few years ago, Jim and I were introduced to a couple at our church. To say it was the most awkward introduction ever would be an understatement. I figured we would never ever make it as friends.

Than a simple comment about a book to Kathy, and our friendship took off. Our two families spent lots of time together; we all just hit it right off.

In June, I got a phone call from Kathy with the news that they were moving a province away. My heartbroke. Kathy is like my soul-sister; I miss her every single day.

As they got ready to move; I tossed around the idea of making Kathy and Jeremiah a quilt. I hummed and hah'd. I was digging through my fabric stash in the summer and found the perfect fabric to make them something. A few extra pieces of fabric and I was ready to go.

Kathy and Jeremiah had no idea; I wish I could have been there when the quilt arrived.

It matches their room perfectly; it was truly made with love.

quilted with Bountiful Feathers.


  1. It's a gorgeous quilt! I love the quilting on it, too.

  2. Rhonda...Your friend is truly blessed to have you as a friend! The quilt is simply beautiful!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful...even more so knowing the love that went into the making of it. What a thoughtful and gorgeous gift.

  4. Gorgeous quilt, and what a wonderful surprize for your friends. I'm sure it will be well cherished Rhonda!!!

  5. What an absolutely beautiful and thoughtful gift Rhonda!

  6. it turned out AMAZING Rhonda! Truly a labour of love.


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