and the winners are

B. said...
Ohh I have a project that I would love to try this out on. Thanks for the chance


Jo-Anne said...
Cooool! I have used a regular old glue stick before to sew together slippery fabrics, but this looks so much better! I hate a gummy needle. (I learned my glue stick trick in a sewing class I took in college, but that was WAY back when! haha)
I would love to try the new stuff!
oxox Jo-Ann

Congrats! I've sent you both an email for your mailing info. Thanx for entering everyone.


  1. WOO HOO!!!! Wow! I can't beleive I won something! I'm pretty excited!
    (happy dance!!)

    Thanks so much. I will watch for your email.

  2. Congrats to the lucky winnahs!

    (And Rhonda, since I didn't win, I figure you must have thought I was serious when I laughed at your shamrocks. But trust me, I was laughing WITH you, not AT you!)



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