the not so awesome quilt

I made this quilt in January; had a few issues with it since some of the instructions were off. But the pattern was fixed and I decided to attempt it again.

I printed off the directions, checked that this time they were all right and I started to cut.

Once I started putting the quilt together; I noticed that it wasn't sewing together straight. I pulled my first four rows apart and started again. And again, not straight; the quilt was going trapezoidal.

I went back to the pattern online and discovered it had been changed yet again since I had printed it. And now the cutting pieces were 1.5 inches bigger then what I had cut. Uh oh. So I pulled the quilt apart yet again and decided the only thing I could do was to not line the blocks up and just sew the quilt together.

I might still take the top two rows off and move them over a wee bit. If I square the quilt up now, it will cut too much off some of the sides.

Do I love the quilt? Yup. The fabric is busy enough I don't think it will be as noticeable that the blocks are off once it's quilted. I wonder if mom will notice once I give it to her since this is her (late) Mother's Day gift lol.


  1. I think, that by your fabric choices, errors are indeed pretty much hidden!! I like it!!! 8-)

    Where did you fine the pattern. Link?

  2. I made that pattern too and had trouble with it. I thought it was because I am such a terrible piecer. Glad to hear it wasn't just me. I do like your fabrics. Your quilt looks beautiful to me!


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