Monday I got an email asking if I could complete a custom queen quilt by 5pm today. The quilt wouldn't be finished until Tuesday afternoon so I couldn't start it until Wednesday. And just to add a bit more stress, it's for the cover of a book. But it's all good, I could do it right?

Wednesday night I went home in tears; 6 hours into the quilt and I finished ONE row. What was I thinking? This wasn't going to get done by Friday unless I spent every single waking moment quilting.

Thursday was madness; I had 6 people in and out of the studio. I ended up going back for 3 hours last night hoping that working that late, no one would call or stop in. I could get this done!

This morning, I had the last row to quilt. Then the border. Then the quilt needed taken off, turned and the sides quilted. And I was losing an hour of my day to lunch supervision at the elementary school.

And guess what? I FINISHED. 3 hours early in fact. Even after it took me 45 minutes to sink all the threads. See all this thread? That's from one row of quilting; I should have taken a picture of the garbage can lol.

I love love LOVE how this turned out. Two different block inserts, sashing inserts and the border.

Now I have the matching pillow and lap quilt to finish next week.


  1. Wow! You did a beautiful, beautiful job with the quilting. Congrats on getting it done -- and early too. You deserve a huge pat on the back! Nicely done.

    xo -E

  2. Beautiful! Good for you finishing early.

    One day, can you post or email me info on how you sink your threads? I'm hopeless and know it's my technique, or rather lack thereof! Lol


  3. Just fabulous...what a wonderful ob you did...and in time...whohoooo!!

  4. Wow, that was a ton of work and it turned out beautifully! Great job!

  5. Wow it looks amazing! Sorry for distracting you on Thursday, but glad I got to see this one in person. I'm glad you finished in time, I was a little worried for you.

  6. Woww, there's nothing like having plenty of notice about a job - and that was nothing like it.

    You did a great job from the look of it.

  7. Way to go Rhonda! You're a quilting allstar!


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