I took apart Mom's Mother's Day gift; I had just enough leftover strips to straighten the quilt out *whew*!

Then I quilted it. Lots of lovely straight lines.

Isn't it fabulous? Mom is going to love it!

Even with the troubles I had with this quilt, I still love the pattern.So I made another one. This one with Fig Tree's Breakfast from Tiffany's.

Isn't it lovely? And I think this one is going to get some straight lines too!


  1. This first quilt is so gorgeous Rhonda! Wow! Your mom is gonna love it!

  2. Completely gorgeous...both of them!

  3. Your Mom is going to love it. I like the straight quilting.

  4. definitely a part of the awesomesauce party..these are great!

  5. Beautiful Quilt!!! I printed the pattern off some time ago but went back and reprinted it today. Did you have to make any adjustments to the newest version of the quilt

  6. it in the batik. One lucky Momma! I need to get more comfortable with the straight line quilting because I think it adds a crisp simplicity to quilts that is very appealing. Both of these are just lovely!

  7. Looking great Rhonda!!! So does your other one in progress... 8-)


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