that's a wrap

Our school year is finished. J finished up his exams on Wednesday, A has 2 more to write next week.

Last night, just before midnight, I did the last stitches on the teacher gifts. I really didn't think I would get them finished in time. Along with making them, I was in the midst of planning a birthday party for B. A big thank you to my friend Cheri Lynn for coming over last night and helping decorate his cupcakes.

I love these for teacher gifts; they are just perfect. By the time we finish getting through all the grades in our elementary school, almost every teacher will have gotten one lol.


  1. Wonderful teachers' gifts Rhonda! They are going to love them!!!

    Happy birthday to B! 8-)

  2. Love love LOVE this... so fun and so cute! Great job, Ms Rhonda! :)


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