that's a wrap

Our school year is finished. J finished up his exams on Wednesday, A has 2 more to write next week.

Last night, just before midnight, I did the last stitches on the teacher gifts. I really didn't think I would get them finished in time. Along with making them, I was in the midst of planning a birthday party for B. A big thank you to my friend Cheri Lynn for coming over last night and helping decorate his cupcakes.

I love these for teacher gifts; they are just perfect. By the time we finish getting through all the grades in our elementary school, almost every teacher will have gotten one lol.

2 love it too:

Myra said...

Wonderful teachers' gifts Rhonda! They are going to love them!!!

Happy birthday to B! 8-)

Barb said...

Love love LOVE this... so fun and so cute! Great job, Ms Rhonda! :)

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