I am here. I didn't think I would be but I am! Last Thursday we had a power outage. As a result, my desktop computer bit the dust. And yes, it was on a power surge protector thingy. Thankfully mine was the only one. And even better, Jim had an extra computer tower and was able to rebuild this one and I am back online. Now I'm going to catch you up on what I've been up to.

Friday night I went to a quilt show. I brought home a treat for myself, Sweetwater!

Can not wait to play with that.

Some of my favorite quilts;

I started piecing the blocks for a baby quilt.

I finished my May Birdie block.

And squared up the blocks of my Luna Notte quilt.

Looks like being mostly computer-less for the past few days has been a good thing!


  1. félicitations

    joli travail !!

    beaucoup de goût , j'aime les couleurs

    encore bravo

    amitiés de Régina

  2. I think those ducks are just gorgeous.

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with Sweetwater! I am curious, what are you doing with the Luna Notte? I am intrigued by the blocks. One of our local shops has a fair amount of Luna Notte still in stock and I am getting itchy fingers!

  4. Sorry about your computer and glad you are back up and running. I thought that duck quilts was so fun. It is amazing what people can do and come up with. Your blocks are just wonderful!

  5. Jealous of that jelly roll... the Ducky piece is my favorite. Do something fun today!

  6. Tis a wonder what you can accomplish when you aren't distracted with a computer!! 8-)
    Glad you were able to get back online so quickly!
    Great projects you are working on! Wonderful quilts shown and jelly roll!


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