quilt monday

Andrea gave me these charm squares way back in April. I've shown snippets of this quilt but I don't think I have showed the entire quilt after I had it quilted.

I straight-lined the entire body and did separate straight lines in the borders.

I totally rushed putting the borders on and I didn't measure the quilt first; I just cut my borders and sewed them to the quilt. When I was quilting the right side border; I ended up having to stop, pull out all the quilting, take off the border and cut THREE inches out of it and put it all back. As a result, the straight lines in the quilt body are off a wee bit. Not very happy about that. But I'm pretty sure a non-quilter will never notice. Guess I'll find out lol!


  1. Love this April Cornell fabric! It's so happy and bright. I love how you used it in a zig zag pattern.

  2. I love the fabrics and the zig-zag design shows them off beautifully.

  3. turned out beautifully Rhonda! This pattern is in my to do list:)

  4. This is just beautiful Rhonda. I wish I was half as talented as you are. Gorgeous!

  5. Looking good to me Rhonda! Love the pattern! 8-)


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