quilt monday

I pieced this quilt last fall. It has hung on the design wall at work since.

A few weeks ago, I finally said time to get it finished. My original plan was to do lots and lots of feathers. Well, after lots and lots of ripping, this is what I came up with.

I did a feather in the outer border, ditched the side pieces, continuous curve in the light squares and water stitched in the center and red 'oval'.

Lots and lots of quilting. It doesn't look like a lot until you turn the quilt over and see the back.

I absolutely love it. And I love how it looks in our newly reno'd bedroom. I painted the walls what I call Moda Grey; it's the perfect match to the grey in this Rouenneries fabric line.


  1. Love it! Beautiful quilting and love the fabrics and design. Well done!

    xo -E

  2. I can see why you love it...looks fantastic!!

  3. It looks beautiful. Thanks for showing the back too, I always love to look at it as often the quilting shows up beautifully when there isn't the distraction of the design and fabrics to distract me.

  4. I loveyour precision in piecing... I'm never quite"there" but your measuring and stitching the pieces together looks beautiful. I great line of fabric to use...works for any season....

  5. I meant to look for this yesterday, that is to see if you had did a post on this quilt alone. I like it so much. I really enjoyed this better look at it.


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