have you ever wondered

Just how far a spool of thread will go? I decided to see how many quilts I could piece off of a spool of Aurifil thread; there is 1300m of thread on the spool. Here's the quilts I pieced.

Blogger is being a problem and I can't get the pictures of the next few quilts to show up. So we have

The Safari Baby Quilt

ZigZag Quilt

And finally, my Luna Notte quilt.

And how much thread is left?


  1. I love big cones of thread. Love that you even thought of seeing how many you could piece with just one!

  2. Oh thanks for posting this. I always wonder about rough quantity when I look at tread purchases. It's nice to see a general answer to my guessig. :)

  3. that's a lot of thread! great job on all the quilts I love them all!

  4. That's awesome Rhonda! But *gasp* is that draping and a cat I see? Just sayin'...

  5. Me? I'd have that spool of thread used up in a snap, as I chain things a lot and hardly ever snip in between seams...oh well.

  6. Hokey Dina, Lady!!! You need to get some free Aurifil for this awesome promo! What colour was that? Looks to me like a good one to invest in for all a gal's thread needs!

  7. While I've never wondered I gotta say I am surprised by how much that spool made. Very nice!

  8. Wow, you've been super busy. You are a piecing queen!

  9. Are you serious?? That's insane! Wow, I am truly amazed.


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