i'm a bad blogger

I've been spending every spare moment in my sewing room lately. And if I have some free time when I'm not in there, than I'm embroidering. I fully intended to post yesterday but once I sat down to do it, I couldn't get a good picture of what I wanted to show you. I'll just have to save it for later this week :)

Embroidering has taken over here lately. In 8 days I finished up my Birdie Blocks. The last time I showed you my blocks, I was just finishing up June. I have October finished but it's drying so I'll have to get a picture later.

blogger won't let me move it


and yes, my iron threw-up on this block too. guess what I'll cleaning once I post this?

I also completed two of these stitcheries. 

I'm hoping to add the borders on them today. One is a gift for a friend; she just might get it before she starts decorating for Christmas lol


  1. Your stitchery is just wonderful...

  2. Yay for finishes! (And I love the crow!)

  3. that's a lot of stiching, love them!

  4. Great Job Rhonda! I guess that means I need to catch up on mine eh?....maybe next year;)

  5. Your blocks look great! I am so behind on my blog reading... been at Google Reader for over an hour here, and I still have more than 1000 posts to get through. Some are getting skimmed through, but I had to stop and comment here. Love them! Now I'm inspired again to get back to my Birdie Blocks!


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