still swooning

I spent some time yesterday putting together my second Swoon block. And yet again, the seam ripper made an  appearance, once or twice. I'm not thrilled with this color combo, I almost wish I hadn't gotten the darker print but I'm sure once I get the rest of the blocks done, it will blend nicely. 

and yes, my iron leaked some blech onto my white background *sob*. thankfully a quick treatment of Grandmother's Quilt soap and we are as good as new. 

Now here's a trick that Kim showed us.

When you are assembling the blocks and take the 6.5 x 3.5 to make a flying goose unit, before you cut off the excess, draw another diagonal line,

Sew the 1/4 inch from your drawn line and cut.

You will end up with these little hsts. And once you sew them all together, you get a mini quiltie. (let's pretend I've done that part okay? lol) I might work these into the backing of this quilt. Or make something new; decisions decisions.

I'll be back later today for Quilt Monday. See you then.


  1. Purty! It'll look awesome when it's all together!

    And great little tip, by the way ;)

  2. I have friends that do that little extra stitching so they have tiny hst's when they make flying geese blocks. I would rather be dragged down the lane on my fanny than mess with little, tiny pieces. I toss those bad boys right into the trash and don't even feel bad about it! :)

  3. the quilt qqill turn out just fine! that tip caught my eye, granmothers quilt soap takes out bleach spots? never heard of that before

  4. I like it-Think it's turning out great! Hey...We JUST might see you around La Push that weekend-Rates are SO good there in November!

  5. Lookin' good girl..although I was SO sad to see that you 'stole' my title for my next blog post!!!


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