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A few years ago, I was given 4 cards. Each card represented the covers of the four Twilight novels. I knew I wanted to frame them but I wasn't sure how I wanted it done. 

This past winter, I got a coupon in the mail for a popular craft store; they were offering their framing services at 50%off. What a bargain! So off I went with my precious cards to have them framed. I knew it would be a wee bit pricey; the cards were an odd size.

I picked out the nicest(and cheapest) frame, a mat; I wanted simple colors to make the cards pop. The employee rang in my selections, discounted it then stunned me with the total. Even after my 50% off, the total was still in the triple digits.

But I went ahead with it. And even though I spent a small fortune, I feel it was worth it. I love how they look.

Sorry about the crocked picture! It's late(preposting this Wednesday night) and I'm all wired up on  peppermint mocha lol!

Now it's time to head to the airport, pick up my bestie and go watch a movie!!


  1. Love how they turned out. I still love these 4 cards and am still jealous of them. Great job on getting them framed together. They look great!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, you should have spent four digits... after all there are four books ;o)

    Hope you enjoyed the movie night!

  3. that looks really nice and elegant!

  4. We are all a little crazy!! That's awesome! Have not seen that before!

  5. Very nice framing job! Still on my Twilight high after the LA premiere, I've posted a couple pictures on Flickr if you want to take a peek.


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