it's not very often

That I have a client request a pattern that I haven't quilted already. So when Donna requested Woodgrain for her quilt, I jumped at the chance.

Perfect pattern for this quilt. I love how it shows up in the borders and check out the backing.

And because this quilt was so quick to do, I got to sneak in one of my own.

quilted with Paisley Max

I thought and thought of how to quilt this runner. I've already unquilted it once. And I love the shape in Paisley Max and need more practice on free-handing it so this was perfect practice. And I love how it turned out.


  1. Two beauties! I love that woodgrain!

  2. Quilting looking great on both projects Rhonda! 8-)

  3. That was a great client choice, and your runner looks gorgeous.


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