back-up plans

I had a wee little accident yesterday involving my travel mug of tea and my sister in law's quilt. Should I mention that the quilt is white? *sigh*.  A few treatments of Grandma's Secret Spot Remover didn't work. Bleach didn't work. So I abandoned the quilt and went to my back-up plan. I was going to finish this quilt originally for Erica because I didn't think I would have the white one done. But I got the back-up plan quilted(bound it last night and popped it in the mail this morning) and mom surprised me with the news that she got the tea stain out of Erica's original quilt so I will get that finished up and mailed off to her in the new year. Yay for moms!

In the end it all worked out. I got a phone call from Hamels yesterday; they had one more quilt, could I possibly get it done?

quilted with Laurie

The pattern is a Coach House Designs pattern. Barb has a book coming out in the Spring; mom and I quilted all the quilts in her book. One of the quilts I did was chosen to be on the book cover; so exciting!


  1. Thank goodness your mom was able to come to the rescue! What would we do without them?



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