how is it

That January is almost over? With last week off because of the snow, it really feels like the start of the new year this week; instead of 3 weeks ago. But still, February is on Wednesday; WEDNESDAY peoples; how is that possible??

Anyways, back to work; have some lovely quilts in right now I am looking forward to quilting up. One of the customers I always look forward to seeing is Kathy. Kathy brought these 3 in; she always picks the funniest fabrics and modern quilt patterns.

How cute is this fabric? I can't decide which print I like more; the owls or the fun circle print. Perfect choice for a kids quilt. 

Quilted with Laurie

Kathy made an identical quilt last summer; all lovely flannels.

Quilted with Volkswagon

Kathy took a class at a local quilt store and made this last quilt. The Habitat line is one of my current favorites right now; I'm using it in two different projects. I love this wall hanging.
Quilted with Trailing Vine

Now it's time for me to get to work; have a great Thursday!

3 love it too:

Zanymouse said...

February is on Wednesday?? Have I been hibernating?! Last time I looked, I wasn't a bear. Sheesh.

Love the pretty quilts, especially the wall hanging.

Barb said...

Oh...I just love those quilts....

Janet said...

I don't know which quilt I love the best...they're all gorgeous! I've got to find a place for my sewing machine and try to make one.

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