blue and yellow

I love the combination of blue and yellow together; it just seems springy to me. And with the beautiful sunny, spring-like weather we have been having lately, it seems appropriate that I've had a few blue and yellow quilts to quilt.

This is Rose's first quilt; she did a great job at it.

I love the design.

quilted with a meander

Next up, this gorgeous star quilt by Margaret.

So very very pretty!

quilted with Shooting Stars

Margaret also did this adorable bunny quilt.

The quilt is all hand appliqued; needle turned applique and the bunnies, flowers/leaves are all painted. The flower stems are embroidered.

Margaret wanted the quilting simple so I piano-keyed the border, did a wavy ribbon in the sashing and a meander in the blocks.

Now I'm totally ready for spring!

2 love it too:

Barb said...

Those quilts are just fabulous!

Zanymouse said...

All of them are so pretty!

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