quilt monday

Today was insane; just running from here, there and back to here all day. I think, no I know, I made 4 different trips to our high school campus today. And piano lessons, trip to the store for shoes, another trip back to get secret Valentine gifts...Plus I worked; got 2 quilts quilted too!  But the sun was shining and I got to have the sunroof open and the radio blaring.

I finally got mom's Christmas present quilted today(I first blogged the quilt here). One reason I waited so long was I had no idea how to quilt it. Than I saw a quilt done with a pattern we had and I thought why not?

quilted with Gothic Vine
 I absolutely love how it turned out. And so does mom. Now to get the binding on so she can truly enjoy it.


I had to put word verification back on; just too much spam! Sorry, I'm not a fan either!!

Thanx for visiting, hope to see you again soon!

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