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Yes, I am still here. Life has gotten ridiculously busy; Jim has been swamped at work which has resulted in way too many trips away. Thankfully that is all over and done with come April 1st; and a new chapter in our lives begins! 
Work is busy, I'm planning on taking off Spring Break but I didn't think of that before I booked quilts in(oops), so I'm a wee bit scrambly but I'll get it done.
And because life isn't busy enough, we our getting a Japanese exchange student tomorrow; fun times ahead!

Jean's son had Tshirts made for a fundraiser. And all 150ish of them were printed with the design on upside down. What does one do with that many Tshirts? Why, make a quilt of course!

Quilted with Random Star
Love it! The fabrics  are all flannel; the perfect couch quilt.

Jean also did this quilt using up her scraps.

Quilted with Floral Meander
This last quilt was done by Catharina. She got the panel and added a border to it and than wasn't sure what to do with it next. She wanted something more than a meander but didn't want the quilting to take away from the fabric.

I had an idea and hesitantly, Catharina decided to go with it.

Simple straight lines. Catharina loved it. When she picked up the quilt, she admitted to being sure she was going to hate it when it was done, she was thrilled to know that she was wrong.

Lastly, a sneak peek at my next project. Thankfully it has progressed past this stage. Not much but some! 

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Three Birds Inspired said...

You HAVE been busy! How exciting to have an exchange student in your home. Glad things are going to slow down in a few weeks. I miss seeing what you are working on!!

Doreen said...

Lovely quilts! Such diversity, so typical of quilts. I seem to always tell myself that the next season will be slower but it never seems to happen for me. It's been such an easy winter and we have had little touches of Spring so am really anxious to get outdoors and clean up the yard. I know it's way too early but my thoughts do wander! Back to quilting......Hugs,

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