quilt monday

The last of my Pure baby quilts. I got 3 baby quilts(including this one) and a table runner out of 1 layer cake; love it.

And this one is probably my favorite. I don't know if it's the quilting pattern, the pretty polka dot backing or the polka dot binding.

quilted with Lovely
I really love the polka dot binding.


  1. This is just gorgeous, Rhonda. I really love those colors. What is the fabric that you used?

  2. Hi, Rhonda: I have some Pure left over from another project? What colour did you use for the background blocks? It looks like white, but when I put white next to the Pure I thought it was too stark, but yours is lovely.

  3. I have done so much with that line of fabric and each one is my favorite! There is something so soothing about the color combos and your pattern choice and that backing are awesome!!! Love them!!-)

  4. That's really a very nice design and color combination for a baby quilt.

  5. Pretty colors and I love the heart quilting.
    Chris B.


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