quilt monday

quilted with Butterflies and Loops

The second quilt of three that I made earlier this year. This one has a pink border, other than that, the rest of the quilt is identical to the first.

I used poly batting, I wanted the quilt to be puffy.

I love how the white just pops in the quilt.

Backed with a fun backing.

Now to get the binding finished on the last one.


  1. Your quilt is just so lovely....well done..

  2. Pretty little quilt, Rhonda! Now, tell me about poly batting. I have never used it. Do you have any problems with "bearding"? If not, which brand do you use? I plug along with Warm and Natural and would like to make at least one "puffy" quilt!

  3. That is so pretty, and I think the quilting design is just perfect for it.

  4. Just too cute. What kind of batting did you use? I like the look of that poly batting. Puffy but not too much.

  5. The colors are so sweet and the softness of the quilting is a perfect match for the 'feel' of this quilt. Great job!!! Hugs, Doreen

  6. Everything about your quilts scream summer!! Love them!!

  7. Lovely quilt, and the backing fabric is super cute!


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