quilt monday

Earlier this spring, I was approached about making two college graduation quilts. The only requirement was the size and one being for a man and one for a woman. 

I've been on a batik kick lately and had seen a fat quarter stack at Hamels that I had loved. And I knew there was enough batik fabric at work that I wouldn't need to buy a border.

So one morning, I started ironing and cutting. By the next afternoon the top was finished.

I love this turtle fabric most of all.

I delivered the quilt this afternoon and it was an absolute success. These are the sixth and seventh commissioned quilts I have done this year so far.  I'm just thrilled, honored and amazed by that.

quilted with Bright and Breezy


  1. Great batiks and the pattern choice is perfect. Someone borrowed my "Happy Hour" booklet. I need to track it down!

  2. I stress out when someone asks me to make a quilt for a specific person for a specific reason. So much pressure. Doesn't look like you cave to the pressure at all! Gorgeous!

  3. Love how they came out!! So beautifully arranged!!

  4. So pretty, and I love the turtles too. It's always exciting to hear that people are commisioning and buying REAL quilts. Congratulations!


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