quilt monday

One of my besties just turned 40. That resulted in a weekend away(hence the no snack saturday posting; just ran out of time trying to get out of here on time.)
I knew I wanted to make her a quilt; doesn't everyone deserve a quilt for turning 40?

quilted with Bluster 

I'm trying to use up my stash of fabrics so I pieced some together for the backing.

I should have lined it up better but I was scrambling to get this finished in time. 

As usual, the quilt ended up way bigger than I expected. But since her entire family has been battling to share the quilt since she got it, I think in this case that a bigger quilt isn't a bad thing.

3 love it too:

Kimberly said...

Nice giftie! Should I let you when I turn 40? Don't worry, it's a few years away so you have lots of time ;o)

Three Birds Inspired said...

What a great friend you are! My best friend turns 60 next year. Maybe if I start now I will have a quilt for her. Maybe not. (My sister has been waiting for her Christmas gift quilt - I ended up buying her something - for 6 years...or maybe 7!)

Doreen said...

What a dear friend you are!!! The quilt is so lovely, I can understand the tension it created....hehe! Quilted items really touch the heart....the perfect gift!-D

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