quilt monday

Mom made this quilt a few months ago. She had quite a few leftover blocks so I brought them home with me. 

A quiet Sunday afternoon and I had this.

It's the perfect little summer quilt and it's so bright and cheery in our dining room.

I especially love the quilt pantograph; it was a perfect choice.

quilted with Luna
Sorry about the shadow but you can make out the pretty flower.

I love how it works with my zigzag quilt.


  1. Cute! Interesting that you long armed it. Do you have a technique for loading that is quick? Do you load up multiple small quilts onto a single backing and batting and then just cut them apart at the end? If I could pay someone to load a quilt on the frame for me I would do it. I just want to get down to the quilting!

  2. Looks like someone loves you that made that piece for you...darling cake stand.

  3. It's adorable and would be fabulous in so many different combinations of fabrics. Works wonderfully with your zig-zag wallhanging.

  4. Very pretty, with nice soothing colors. Love your zig-zag quilt, I can't take my eyes off it!

  5. Love it! So simple but very pretty!

    xo -E


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