Today is 3 months until Christmas. THREE MONTHS! I've already been busy working on Christmas themed quilts; they seem to come earlier and earlier every year.

Bea pieced this beautiful winter/Christmas quilt.

quilted with Mini Starflower
I love this quilt. Bea's embroidery is beautiful.
I love the silver thread she used here and there.

I spent 14 hours quilting this next quilt for Hamels
14 very long hours. 

And you can't even see all the quilting lol. But that was the whole point. I kept it simple; outlined the appliques; did a double piano key in the outer board. A simple ribbon stitch in the inner borders. My favorite part of the whole quilt is the various backgrounds in each block.

I followed the patterns in the block backgrounds. The bell block is cross-hatched; the wreath straight line quilted. So simple.

I love how the border turned out.

This is another Hamels quilt. I love snowman and this quilt I love.

quilted with Starflower

Now before I start getting asked, on both these quilts I did quilt right over the embroidery. It's not something I like to do but it's entirely possible to do. It's all up to the quilter and what the quilt owner wants done to their quilt.

I love the backing for this quilt.

And my favorite block

So three months until Christmas. I think it's time to start thinking about what gifts I'm making this year.


  1. Beautiful Christmas/Holiday quilts. I prefer to quilt through my embroidery - don't like when it poofs up. :-)

    It's fun to see the Snowmen A to Zzzz quilt because it's the one I'm working on now in redwork. :-)

  2. Oooooo....The thoughts of the Christmas season is a bit much right now! Am just beginning to assess my thoughts...ha! That first quilt is awesome!! You did a right fine quilting job on all....congrats!!

  3. Amazing! Those quilts are both so amazing! That's a whole lot of quilting. Beautiful work :-)

  4. Beautiful! All the quilts shown are outstanding-I'm especially crazy about the last one. You do such amazing work!
    P.S. I was Christmas crafting yesterday... I vowed not to get overwhelmed this Christmas SO I'm starting early!

  5. What is the name of the Christmas themed quilt?


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