it's coming

Did you know that Christmas is only 110 days away? And it's been in full swing at work for a few weeks now. 

But it's not just Christmas coming; the quilt show season is about to start up full-force across Canada. The first big show is next weekend in Edmonton. I spent a very, very long day working on this fabulous Christmas quilt for the show.

And now it's time for me to head for home. I'll be back at work again in only 12 hours to finish this off. 

But first, I should probably sweep up the floor.

3 love it too:

Doreen said...

Ya know.....I could have survived quite well without that reminder! Hehe! It's the "white stuff" that comes, too, that's the 'kicker'!!!!-(

Three Birds Inspired said...

Shhh...! Please don't say it!!
Actually, I am too well aware. I have my first "show" this Sunday & have been working like a mad woman. I have scheduled an all day sew on Saturday & enlisted the aid of my mother. If I had another machine set up in the studio I would bring in a stranger off the street!!

Robin Beck said...

It's sooooo cute! Love it AND I love the fact that Christmas is right around the corner. We are already preparing for it too!

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