Civil War quilts have gazillions and gazillions of pieces. So many pieces that sometimes mistakes happen.

I loaded a quilt on to my machine Tuesday but something was off. I pulled the quilt off, laid it out and really looked at it.

And then I noticed it.

So off came the quilt and the seam ripper came out. We pulled the block out and put it in the right way.

how the block is supposed to look.

And tomorrow I'll deliver it and the client will be thrilled that their mistake was caught and fixed.

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  1. I have the perfect spot at the ready!!! So cute! Pick me!-D

  2. What a great service you supplied! The client will be so thrilled that you fixed her mistake. Cute wallhanging too!

  3. Oh. Good eye. I am sure she will be happy that you noticed before it was quilted.


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