good news and bad

Last week my quilting machine broke down. Thought we had the problem solved and continued on. Tuesday  I discovered that the problem was worse than I first expected. And the part I needed was with Mom in Calgary on her trip. So, work was done.

So bad news, my machine is broke down. Good news? I was able to hobble my way through Wilma's quilt and got it finished.

quilted with Holly Ribbon
I love the applique blocks.

Better news? I got an unexpected week off work; no quilts due until the 15th. woo hoo!

So I scrubbed the house from stem to stern. Had too much fun spending birthday money. And more importantly, am spending time with these.

4 love it too:

Barb said...

Hurray for an unexpected vacation! And the Christmas quilt is gorgeous! Such beautiful work!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lots of ups and downs. Gorgeous quilt. Enjoy your week off

QuiltSue said...

It just goes to show, there's always an upside to every down.

Julie Bolton said...

Wow! The work above are so wonderful!
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