to market, to market

Fall market has wrapped up for another year so now I can show you some of the quilts I quilted for the show.

We started quilting for Barb of Coach House Designs roughly 2yrs ago and it has been such a fun experience to get to see new fabrics and patterns before they are available.

First up, Bouquet of Irises.

quilted with Leaf Scroll
I love this next one, Wrapped in Flowers.

quilted with Trailing Vine
How about this backing fabric(for some reason my question mark isnt working! apparently neither is my apostrophe lol.)

So pretty. Love it.

Lastly, Sentimental.

Quilted with Blowing in the Wind
Love the fabrics in this; Lario by Three Sisters.

All of these patterns can be purchased through CoachHouse Designs  or your local quilt store.

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Anonymous said...

All so lovely!! Love the quilting perfect for the piecework (which is also lovely!!!).

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