it's finished!!

my scrappy trip along is done!! And I love it oh so very, very much.

It measures 61x85(not ironed so it may increase by an inch or two).
I wish I had some minkey to back it with but this sucker is going straight to work today and getting quilted up!!

And what's next? 
I've had these DS fabrics for just shy of a year now to make a baby quilt. Now I need to figure out which pattern I was planning on using for them lol.

Or maybe I should put the baby quilt on hold and make a new ironing board cover? Mine is nasty!


  1. Sorry to be negative but are the blocks on the bottom facing the right way? I love your colour combo, the dark makes a real statement.

  2. Looks Great, I love the asymmetric-ish of the bottom half. Thank you for sharing. Inspirational!

  3. I've seen this quilt popping up a lot & I've seen it turned a lot of different ways I think it's a matter of taste how your design looks but if I were to make one it probably wouldn't look right no mater how I turned it lol! anyways it looks great, congrats on the finish!

  4. I love your scrappy trip! The teeny tiny squares are a little intimidating, but I'll bet it was a great stash buster. Ironing board cover? Yes, please. I just tried to squeeze an old regulation sized one over my much loved (i.e. dirty, nasty)oversized cover, and it wouldn't fit. Dang! Looks like I'll be making a cover soon, too.


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