oldie but a goodie

Today I crashed some friends regular sewing day. Andrea and Kim usually spend Tuesdays sewing; I've joined them a few times in the past but it's been a long while since the three of us have sewn together.

My plan for today was to start a very special baby quilt. I had actually already started this quilt with some Lily and Will fabrics I had but I didn't have enough variation in the colours and the blocks were so blah. So out came the seam ripper, I cut a few more fabrics up and now I have enough blocks.

sorry the picture is washed out. and  I have a few strips to trim lol

With starting this quilt I realized that with a little bit of creativity and the various fat quarters I have left of this fabulous line(please, please, please do another run of Lily and Will1!!), I should be able to come up with a total of four baby quilts. And a good thing too since there seems to be a baby boom with our friends happening this year.


  1. It was a great day of sewing...I cant believe I got so much accomplished! I cant wait to see this one finished!

  2. What fun! Four baby quilts at once? What's in the water up there, lol!

  3. wow...it's been ages since I've been on your blog...or even mine for that matter!!! I miss our girls sewing days and am glad you could make it out. We all got lots done and I'm sure it's because of the Starbucks:) thanks...

  4. I look forward to seeing your finished top/quilt with these blocks.

    It is nice sewing with others that we haven't seen in a while...


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