quilt monday

I was naughty last week and ignored all my customer quilts to play with some of my own. I discovered that I had 11 pieced tops waiting to be quilted. Eleven!!

7 down, 4 to go!

The first one I picked to finish the binding on was my Valentine's Day runner. This was pieced with leftovers from my Valentine's Day quilt. And I was just looking for that quilt to link this post too and I haven't blogged that one yet either!

quilted with Folk Heart
I really like how this turned out. I wasn't sure at first but now that it's quilted? I just might have to keep it for myself.
I love this quilting pattern. And even more so with it showing up so nicely on the white block.

Maybe I'll put the snowman collection away early this year and bring out Valentine's Day now.


  1. Happy Quilting! I have 2 in the works & so many others are calling me to start lol!

  2. Very pretty. I, too, love that quilting pattern. It is just perfect for this runner.

  3. Love that quilting pattern. Might have to do a variation on that one myself!! I have a few of these that were pieced as possible future gifts but, once quilted, have been tucked away......for now!! That runner is so appealing and pretty!!! Great work!!! Hugs......

  4. Love the runner - the quilting is perfect. Only 11? LOL


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