quilt monday

Hot off the presses!!
And I couldn't love it more!

same goes for Gizmo lol

My Granny Square quilt is finally finished. I am so happy I went with the Hello Luscious line instead of the original fabric(Circa 1934) I had wanted.
I love this block.

Or maybe this one

I just can't get enough

Now I need to decide on what to do for the binding. I have no more Kona; do I dare bind it in pink?

quilted with Fascination


  1. Rhonda..it's just beautiful. I really like the quilting pattern. You are an amazing artist.

  2. it turned out beautiful, I think the pink border would look great on it,always go with what calls you & makes you smile!

  3. How pretty! I'm working on my own Granny Squares. 9 done so far. It's a project that I put down early last year and dug it out again a few weeks ago. My squares are going to be scrappy. I'm thinking a 6x6 layout.

  4. Oh Hello Luscious! :-) It's an adorable quilt, Rhonda. I love it with the sashing between the blocks.

  5. It is a beautiful quilt. I think pink binding would look great, especially if it is a fairly bright pink.

  6. It's gorgeous! As a lover of all things pink, I vote heck yah to the pink binding! :)


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