Saturday I had the idea of sorting out my scrap bin so I dumped it.

I guess it was really packed in there!

I sorted it into a get rid of pile, cut into 2.5inch squares and usable pieces. Sunday I cut, ironed and sorted for 5.5 hours and ended up with;

This bag of 2.5 inch squares

A bag of binding

A garbage bag of fabrics for our mini quilt creators at the local guild

And the best part?
Another bin of 2.5x16inch for another Scrappy Trip Along!

4 love it too:

Nanna said...

I shutter to think how many scraps I have hiding lol!

Daisy Jayne said...

way to go.... I can not bring myself to think of my scrap pile
in hiding at the moment

Lindah said...

Good sorting job! I would be curious to know how you will use the 2.5" squares. I usually cut my unusable scraps into whatever size square I can get. I have a drawer full of little squares, stacks of 2.5 inchers of all colors, no color scheme going. I've felt so virtuous cutting them as I go, but I have no idea what to do with them. lol

Darlene said...

Wow, way to go. You'd have a field day if you could get into my scraps. You wouldn't believe how many I have. Some day I might share on my blog. LOL

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