I don't do whimsical quilts. The quilts usually have to have a purpose for me to make something impractical. A few weeks ago I saw the cutest pillow; where I saw it is another question lol. After I cleaned out my scrap bin and found some fun prints; I knew I had to make it.

Seriously how cute is this???
Pattern is from Tula Pink in the free patterns section.

I made it into a wallhanging instead of a pillow.
 Lots of straight line quilting. I'll just call it straight line quilting okay? lol
I buttonholed the applique right through the batting to stabilize it a little more.

I didn't have enough solids matching the grey to piece the bottom but I love how this fabric looks like road.
Now it's hung in my quilting room and all the boys want me to make them one of their own lol.


  1. While you're making them for your boys, could you just make one for my DD and DSIL? The are absolutely nuts on these, and would love to own a real one one day. I am no good at applique, otherwise I'd give it a go, it really is wonderful.

  2. Very cute, I've been wanting to make one of these out of Tulas pattern too!

  3. Had one of those back in our "hippie" days...LOL! Ooooooo the memories!!!! Love it!!!

  4. That's darling Rhonda! Love it!! Thanks for the link to the pattern.

  5. Can I borrow the keys? We could go on a picnic!


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