google reader

As you may have heard, Google reader is sadly on it's way out :(. I found what seems to be, a pretty good alternative, bloglovin. You can sign up to follow my blog with the button in my sidebar.

Now I'm back to moving all my followed blogs over from GR to bloglovin. I think I follow too many blogs :p

And one question, anyone know if Google Friends Connect is going to be gone too? 


  1. I'm following! FYI, the link in the body of your post wouldn't work, but the sidebar button was fine.

    1. I had read that might happen. I'll see if I can fix it, thanx!

  2. Thank you! I have been looking for an alternative.

  3. I've switched to Feedly which worked well because it imported all of my google reader blogs and I'm lazy like that.


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