quilt monday

Early January #scrappytripalong took over Instagram. I quickly jumped in and finished my quilt top in 3 days.

I finally got the binding on this past weekend so now I can really enjoy it.

quilted with a large meander

I pieced together a crazy backing.

Because the quilt is so busy; I kept the quilting simple and went with an overall meander.

So what does one do when you finish a scrappy trip along?
You start a second.

I've finished 20 blocks. And have a crazy 40 more to go.

I may have gotten carried away.


  1. Nice Scrappy! I just made one and can't wait to make another one!

  2. Very nice! The predominance of the darker blue really ties it all together!

  3. my scrapy quilt's been on the back burner way too long, I plan on getting a lot more blocks made tomarrow, yours looks fantastic!

  4. Gorgeous finish! I'm so impressed with how quickly you put that top together and can easily understand why you would start another. Love those scrappy trips (and your quilting!).


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