quilt monday

A bento box quilt has been on my must-do list for a few years now. I had a jelly roll that I had no idea what to do with so why not.

Funny thing, I was sewing the rows together when I realized that I had assembled the blocks wrong; oops! Took me a few evening TV watching to pull them all apart and I resewed the blocks; rightly this time lol.

quilted with Leaf Scroll
I had a difficult time choosing a pattern to quilt on this. The quilt is so busy I didn't want the quilting to compete and I didn't want to straight line this one. I found an old Keryn Emmerson pattern that worked perfectly.

 Love how it shows up on the backing

I had just enough of the brown for the inner border and the binding. The binding is pieced together out of small bits and pieces in some spots lol.

Happy Monday!

2 love it too:

Anonymous said...

Your stitching choice is so great!! 'G' clefs are always something that appeals to me! Bentos look to be so much fun (sorry to hear about the un-sewing!) and hope to make one someday......Quilting Bucket List! Choosing the stitching pattern can, sometimes, take longer than the piecing pattern.....Love it! Hugs, Doreen

Zanymouse said...

A Bento Box quilt has been on my list of must-do's for a long time, too. Yours came out great, and I love the musical quilting motif!

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