I've been saving(hoarding??) a layer cake of Hometown for a while now. I love this line so much and am regretting not buying more when I had the chance! Sadly I didn't get any yardage but I did manage to find a polka dot that matched pretty close to the fabrics. 
Somewhere online(I think it was Flikr) I had seen someone do a Twister quilt with Hometown and I knew I had to do one too.

for whatever reason, this is the only picture I have of the (unsewn) quilt top
The quilt went together really quickly. I found the cutting easier with the bigger template than with the Lil Twister
The quilt went together so quickly that I just might be ready to quilt it.


  1. Nice! I hope you saved allll of your scraps... so many uses, not enough hometown!

  2. I warned you those Twisters were addicting, lol! I like the biggie better, too. Your quilt looks great!

  3. I love the Hometown range too, but didn't buy any. Now I am really regretting it. It looks great in your twister quilt.

  4. Wow! Racing right along! Yup, the biggun' is a lot better!!! Hugs.....


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