quilt monday

I have quickly become addicted to Twister rulers. I posted about a quilt I was doing using Hometown; well, I finally got it quilted.

When I bought the layer cake, I foolishly didn't buy any yardage but was lucky enough to find this blue polka dot that matched the line fairly well.

I ended up quilting this with the Circle Lord swirls template. I love how the quilting works with the spinning of the blocks.

Now I really wish I had more of this line hoarded away!


  1. I love it! They now have a "midi twister" that uses 6.5" squares. I was tempted to buy it but didn't. it's a great look, using Hometown.

  2. "The grass is always greener......" and "I wish I had bought more........"!!! It ALWAYS happens (to me, too!). Why, do you suppose, that happens??!!?? LOL! The quilting is perfect with the Twisters!! Hugs.......


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