times two

Lately it seems that I make two of every quilt. Usually it is because I've bought enough fabric and it's easier to make two at the same time.

I saw this project on Moda Bake Shop  earlier this year. I love the Boho fabric line and knew I had to make this one too.

I hadn't read the instructions earlier other than how much background fabric I needed to buy. I couldn't get the same blue as in the tutorial so I got a matching Bella solid in green that I really liked. It wasn't until I started cutting when I realized that the quilt only used half a jelly roll. If I had read the instructions beforehand(does anyone? lol), I could have made the quilt bigger. 

Thankfully I've stocked up on Kona neutrals and had enough Snow to make up the second quilt.

I really like the crispness of the white but love the muted colours of the green.
And after both of these, I still had fabric leftover and came up with this.

Sure got my monies worth out of that jelly roll!

4 love it too:

mary truax said...

wow. you did well with one jellyroll. the quilts are very nice and both different with the two colorways.

Darlene said...

Wow, great use of your jelly roll. Surely one of the quilts is for me! LOL

They are adorable, Rhonda

QuiltSue said...

Woww, that's a lot of quilt from one jelly roll. They're all great, but I specially liked the one with Kona Snow as the background.

Zanymouse said...

They are all so pretty! I have yet to buy a jelly roll. I should live dangerously and actually get one, lol.

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