client quilts

Here's a few recent client finishes.

Dalle made this stunning quilt for her granddaughter's wedding.


Love the fabrics and how she arranged them.

quilted with Wrought Iron

Delores sampler quilt.

quilted with Floral Meander

 Elaine's Frolic quilt. Still adore this fabric line!
quilted with Daisies Galore

And her snuggly flannel quilt.

quilted with Falling Leaves
quilted with Floral Meander
Love the pattern in the blocks made.

Grainne's lovely black and white quilt.

I quilted a fun new pattern on it called Splat.

Lastly, this stunning log cabin made by Lori for her daughter in law Donna. Sadly, Lori had a massive stroke just before I finished the quilt and she wasn't able to see it finished.

I quilted the pattern Watercourse in the body of the quilt and piano keyed the borders.

Now time to get to work and finish some more!

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  1. All beautiful. Do you know the name of the pattern for the black/white quilt? thk


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