I love quilting for one of our local quilting stores. I love getting to see some of the new fabrics/patterns before they are released and even more I love the freedom with the quilting. Most of the time I get to pick what goes on the quilts.

The staff at Hamels has been busy with some new quilts and as a result, kept me busy.

quilted with Daisies and Loops
Love this little snowman.
quilted with a meander

He's just too cute!

I loooooooove this next one.

quilted with Bountiful Feathers
I just had to quilt feathers all over this.  Loved how they looked.

Hamels has been adding more modern quilts to their store samples. When I saw this flannel quilt, I wanted to do a modern pattern on it to oompf it up a bit.

Contempo was a perfect choice!

I loved the colours in this one.

Quilted with Cotton Candy
Quilted with Swirl
Loved the backing fabric.

The colours in these next two remind me of summer.

Both were quilted with Fascination.

I might have to pick up this next one lol.

This cute little panel.

quilted with a meander

I was hoping for this next one for Christmas.

I water-stitched around the snowmen and did a freehand star in the outer border.

I love the little details of the snowmen.

Some more snowmen.

Quilted with a meander

I love these next two.

Quilted with Star Swirl
Quilted with Star Swirl
Check out how tiny these squares are.

All these quilt kits are available at Hamels; either online or in person. 
Happy shopping!

2 love it too:

Janet said...

The flannel one is my favorite.....it would be great to cuddle under during this awful cold spell.

QuiltSue said...

Well they have really kept you busy. I loved almost all of them I think.

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