spring break

We are just finishing week 1 of our 2 week Spring Break here. Last Friday, Jim and boy2 left for Mexico on a mission trip with our church. I was looking forward to a fun week with the other boys when things changed.

My dad spent Valentine's Day in the hospital. After more test and too many dr visits, we learned he had blocked arteries and was placed on a waiting list to have an angiogram done.

Monday, dad was not in good shape. We know now that he had a heart attack Friday night and another one Monday morning. On Tuesday, dad decided he needed to go back to the hospital.

Dad was admitted and told he would have his angiogram within 48hours. Wednesday night, dad suffered another heart attack; this one was a biggie. Thankfully he was in the hospital; the cardiologist had told us that day that he only had a 40% chance of surviving another one if he wasn't receiving medical care.

Thursday morning dad was whisked off to a bigger hospital where he had his angiogram and was able to get two stents put into one of the main arteries in his heart. He was brought back to our local hospital that evening and was released home yesterday.

Dad and I were both supposed to go on this trip with Jim. Dad cancelled because of his health; I cancelled not wanting to leave mom and dad with our other boys in case something happened with dad. In the end, we made the right decision. And next week we can have some fun.


  1. So sorry for your Dad's health problems but it was a good thing he was in the right place to get the procedures he needed. Hope you can make next week a better one for everybody. And that your Dad recovers quickly.

  2. I'm sorry about your Dad's health. I hope he's recovering fast now.

  3. Wow! I'm so thankful it was finally resolved/treated appropriately!!!! And thankful for his/your good outcome!!! Blessings.............................

  4. I hope your father is doing better now, and how fortunate that he had the last heart attack while in the hospital.


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