The past few weeks my sewing mojo has come back. And I was very happy to have it! I still didn't get nearly as many things pieced off my summer quilting list but something is better than nothing.

I started with these charm squares way back in April or May. I had bought them about 3yrs ago and they sat in my stash.

I love the softness of this quilt. It took a while for me to find an appropriate border fabric. You can't see it in the picture but the yellow has pastel dots that go perfectly with the quilt.

I bought a FQ stack from a local quilt show with a very modern pattern. That too sat for too long in my stash. I saw this pattern in a magazine and inspiration struck.

yes it needs a good ironing!

I absolutely love this quilt. The pop of red was an addition on my part. After quilting, I am either going to bind the quilt in red or add a flange in the red. And the fabrics?? Love them!

I started on Boy3s new quilt. 

The blocks are going together really quick and I know it won't be long before he has his new quilt finished.

And that's a good thing since I got a little carried away at the fabric store the other day.

2 love it too:

Kimberly said...

Yay for the sewing mojo! I'm searching for mine to return...

QuiltSue said...

Ooooo, you might have got carried away in the quilt shop, but what a lovely basket full of goodies you had with you.

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