I got a FQ stack of Persimmion and Thimbleblossom's pattern Fireworks for my birthday. Can not wait to get going on this!

And I bought a gift. 
Two DrWho quilts coming up for Christmas.

But first, some playtime with a Rouenneries honey bun.


  1. The pattern and FQ stack are awesome!! I haven't seen that pattern before but it seems to have a "Swoon" flavor to it. Will be anxious to see the progress on this one.......a perfect b'day gift!!!!!!

  2. Look at that luscious pack of fabrics! I might be a little jealous. I've thought about making a Dr. Who quilt, and am looking forward to seeing how yours turn out. Gotta love the Daleks, exterminate!

  3. I've done a TARDIS -hadn't thought about doing a Dalek at that size. Hmm......
    Are those patterns you bought? They look packaged - but I couldn't tell.


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