quilt monday

These were the only Christmas presents I got finished this year. I had planned on two DrWho quilts but those will be done starting Boxing Day lol.

Sweet and simple.

I quilted the A in the ditch

And meandered the background on the E.

Now I have some binding to finish. I didn't finish the Christmas presents but I may have finished a little something for me lol.


  1. It's ok to have years like this one (few finishes/quilty gifts). For me, it spurs me on to thinking next year and I manage to 'blast' through January with fresh ideas and finishes for future gifting......I just have to "sit on them" 'til the appropriate time!!! The biggest trick is just remembering I did them and where I put them!!!!!! Sigh!!!!!!!! Lovely little projects there....................

  2. I have two quilts in progress that are being wrapped as is, and stuffed under the tree, to be finished next week (hopefully). Oh well, we can only do our best, right??


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