quilt monday

I've been making lots of table runners lately; so quick and easy to whip up and a great way to use up scraps.

This runner was the leftovers from this one. Well, not exactly leftovers. I didn't pay attention to the directions when I made the first runner so I had to make more blogs. More blocks equaled second runner lol.

With this one, I added a border along the sides to make it a wee bit wider for our table. I was going to add a top and bottom border but it was the perfect length without.

quilted with Page Boy

These are really easy runners to whip up. I've made a few for gifts.

You can find the pattern here.


  1. Love its simplicity and the opportunity for some cool stitching!!!!! I've still got some time for some of these!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  2. Lovely, and thanks for the pattern link!


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